Hey Guys, I looked at a rheem horizontally mounted furnace in a crawl the other day ( of coarse with my flashlight dimming) . The unit is very spurratic....they find it cold in the space sometimes. stat has been replaced. Unit fires right up every time when power is reset. noticed door switch is not working properly ( always made) Furnace was failed when i looked at it, green led was solid, second green was blinking steady slow, amber led was off... I checked all the rollouts, and high limit, pressure switch was open ( inducer off, main fan off) I did some basics, blew out psi switch tube, cleaned condensate tubes and trap, cleaned flame sensor, and ignition rods (spark). Pvc out is back-pitched correctly. could not see the whole inlet run of pvc..

Could not read anything on the unit door, does the slow green mean something? I think the amber may be for flame sensing status..
Can't hunt down any online manuals....please help..