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Thread: Moderator List and Site Contact Info.

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    Moderator List and Site Contact Info. uses Administrators and Moderators as well as separate committees to help run and direct this site.

    Only registered Pro Members can use the PM features for the site. If you see a rules violation or mistreated then please use the report button on the post that you wish the staff to investigate. The report button is at the top right hand corner of each post. Please refrain from using the PM option to report a post.

    The following is a list of the Admin and Moderation Staff. To keep this simple I will not list the committee members here.

    Dad (Administrator)
    Beenthere (Global Moderator)
    K_Fridge (Global Moderator)
    VSTech (Global Moderator)
    BaldLooney (Global Moderator)
    NewOldTech (Global Moderator)
    Kontrolphreak (Global Moderator)

    To contact the Administrator directly you can follow this link.

    Click Here
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