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Thread: Acronym List for Controls

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    Talking Acronym List for Controls

    As a newbie Controls guy I don't have much in the form of advice but I did start an Acronym list because I couldn't find a decent one on the net specifically for Building automation. I still find myself googling 3 letter acronyms i have no idea what they mean.

    Anyway Here is the List I made so far - This is made mostly for controls guys
    though i guess i could add other simpler stuff like RTU and HVAC

    PDL – Peak Demand Limiting
    COV – Change of Value (Siemens Trending)
    DX – Direct Expansion or Digital Extension
    FLN – Field Level Network
    NAE - Network Automation Engine
    PXM – Power Expansion Module
    SPA – Setpoint Adjust
    SNVT – Standard Network Variable Types – Usable on any system
    UNT - Unitary Controller
    VAV – Variable Air Volume
    VFD – Variable Frequency Drive
    VMA – VAV Modular Assembly

    If anyone has a better list Fire Away!

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    I started to make a list a few years ago, but I haven't updated it in a while. This was combined from about a half-dozen sites. There's a mix of HVAC, Controls, Electrical, Instrumentation, and of course some IT acronyms thrown in there. Feel free to add, update, make corrections and share.

    ACK – Acknowledgment
    AI – Analog Input
    AHU - Air Handling Unit
    ANSI – American National Standards Institute
    AO – Analog Output
    API – Application Programming Interface
    ARP – Address Resolution Protocol
    ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange 
    ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers
    ASICs – Application Specific Integrated Circuits
    AWG - American Wire Gage
    BACnet - Computer communication protocol for building automation systems and control networks
    BAS - Building Automation System
    BI - Binary Input
    BMS - Building Management System
    BO - Binary Output
    BOOTP – Bootstrap Protocol
    BTU - British Thermal Unit
    CAV - Constant Air Volume
    CD - Cold Deck
    CFM - Cubic Feet per Minute
    CHWP - Chilled Water Pump
    CHWR - Chilled Water Return
    CHWS - Chilled Water Supply
    CO - Carbon Monoxide
    COM – Component Object Model
    CRC – Cyclic Redundancy Check
    CSMA/CD – Carrier Sense, Multiple Access/Collision Detect
    CRAC - Computer Room Air Conditioner
    CV - Constant Volume
    CWP - Condenser Water Pump
    CWR - Condenser Water Return
    CWS - Condenser Water Supply
    DA - Discharge Air or Direct Acting
    DAT - Discharge Air Temperature
    DB - Dry Bulb or Dead Band
    DC - Direct Current
    DDC - Direct Digital Control
    DDE - Dynamic Data Exchange
    DI - Digital Input
    DO - Digital Output
    DP - Differential Pressure
    DPDT - Double Pole Double Throw
    DPST - Double Pole Single Throw
    DX - Direct Expansion
    DCOM – Distributed Component Object Model
    DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    DIO – Discrete Input/Output
    DLL – Dynamic Link Library 
    DNS – Domain Name Server
    DOS – Denial of Service 
    DOS – Disk Operating System
    EDS – Electronic Data Sheet
    EIA – Electric Industries Alliance
    ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
    ESD – Electrostatic Sensitive Devices
    EF - Exhaust Fan
    EMCS - Energy Management Control System
    EMS - Energy Management System
    EP - Electric to Pneumatic
    ERV - Energy Recovery Ventilator
    EXV - Electronic Expansion Valve
    FA - Fire Alarm
    FAI - Fresh Air Intake
    FCU - Fan Coil Unit
    FD - Fire Damper
    FLA - Full Load Amps
    FPM - Feet Per Minute
    FPVAV - Fan Powered Variable Air Volume Box
    FS - Float Switch
    FBD – Function Block Diagram 
    FDDI – Fiber Distributed Data Interface
    FTP – File Transfer Protocol
    GPM - Gallons per Minute
    GND – Ground
    HD - Hot Deck
    HOA - Hand Off Auto
    HP - High Pressure or Horse Power
    HPS - High Pressure Steam or Switch
    HRU - Heat Recovery Unit
    HRV - Heat Recovery Ventilator
    HMI – Human Machine Interface 
    HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol
    HVAC – Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning 
    HWP - Hot Water Pump
    HWR - Hot Water
    HWS - Hot Water Supply 
    HX - Heat Exchanger
    HZ - Hertz
    I/O - Input/Output
    IAQ - Indoor Air Quality
    IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority 
    IC – Integrated Chip
    ICMP – Internet Control Message Protocol
    in. Hg - inches of mercury vacuum
    in. WC - inches of Water Column
    IEC – International Electrical Commission 
    IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 
    IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force 
    I/O – Input/Output
    IP – Internet Protocol 
    ISA – Industry Standard Architecture 
    ISO – International Organization for Standardization
    LAN – Local Area Network
    LED – Light Emitting Diode
    LON - Local Operating Network
    LWCO - Low Water Cut Off
    MAC – Media Access Control
    MA - Mixed Air
    MAT - Mixed Air Temperature
    MAU - Make-up Air Unit
    MCC - Motor Control Center
    MIB – Management Information Base
    MMF – Multimode Fiber 
    MA - Mixed Air
    MAT - Mixed Air Temperature
    MAU - Make-up Air Unit
    MCC - Motor Control Center
    NEMA – National Electrical Manufactures Association 
    NFS – Network File System 
    NIC – Network Interface Card
    NTP – Network Time Protocol
    NC - Normally Closed
    NEC - National Electric Code
    NO - Normally Open
    NTC - Negative Temperature Coefficient
    OA - Outside Air
    OAT - Outside Air Temperature
    OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer 
    OPC – OLE for Process Control 
    OS – Operating System 
    PCB - Printed Circuit Board
    PE - Pnuematic to Electric
    PID - Proportional, Integral, & Derivative
    PRV - Pressure Reducing Valve
    PSIA - Pounds per Square Inch Absolute
    PSIG - Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
    PT - Pressure Temperature
    PWM - Pulse Width Modulation
    PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnect
    PLC – Programmable Logic Controller
    PoE – Power over Ethernet
    RA - Return Air or Reverse Acting
    RAT - Return Air Temperature
    RF - Return Fan
    RH - Relative Humidity
    RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
    RTU - Roof Top Unit
    RV - Reversing Valve
    RAM – Random Access Memory
    RARP – Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
    RFID – Radio-Frequency Identification
    RH – Relative Humidity
    ROM – Read-Only Memory
    RPC – Remote Procedure Call
    RPF – Request for Proposal
    RTOS – Real Time Operating System
    RTU– Remote Terminal Unit / Rooftop Unit
    Rx – Receive
    SA - Supply Air
    SAT - Supply Air Temperature
    SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
    SD - Smoke Damper
    SEER - Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
    SF - Service Factor or Supply Fan
    SH - Super Heat
    SP - Static Pressure or Set Point
    SPDT - Single Pole Double Throw
    SPST - Single Pole Single Throw
    SV - Solenoid Valve
    SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
    SNMP – Simple Networking Management Protocol
    SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol
    SSID – Service Set Identifier
    SSL – Secure Sockets Layer
    STP – Shielded Twisted Pair
    TCP – Transmission Control Protocol
    TFTP – Trivial File Transfer Protocol
    TIA – Telecommunications Industry Association 
    TLS – Transport Layer Security
    TTL – Time to Live
    Tx – Transmit
    TSTAT - Thermostat
    UDP – User Datagram Protocol
    UTP – Unshielded Twisted-Pair
    VAV - Variable Air Volume
    VFD - Variable Frequency Drive
    VSD - Variable Speed Drive
    VVT - Variable Volume/Temperature
    VAC – Volts of Alternating Current
    VDC – Volts of Direct Current
    VPN – Virtual Private Network
    WAN – Wide Area Network
    W - Watt
    WB - Wet Bulb
    WC - Water Column
    WEP – Wired Equivalent Privacy
    WPA– WiFi Protected Access 
    WPAN – Wireless Personal Area Networks
    XML – Extensible Markup Language
    XFMR - Transformer

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    Digo - You missed one...

    FUBAR - Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition

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    This one is essential:

    TLA - Three Letter Acronym

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    NAE -- Never Again Engine

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    CDAT: Cooling Discharge Air Temperature

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    One I got called in for:

    KYMFHO: keep your mud flipping hands off

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    RTFM: Read the facking manual
    ID10T error: you’re/user is an idiot

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    PEBKAC - Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

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    NFG (No F in Good) Toe tag used on our warranty return items. The factory eventually failed to see the humor.......

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    SNAFU - Situation Normal: All F'ed Up

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    BTTW - Balls To The Walls, as in fan speed.
    TB - Text Book, as in readings or settings.
    RFI - Request For Income, as in what the majority really are.
    BPE - Back Pocket Engineering, as in what really works from experience.

    kontrol out
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    This is real, you will sometimes see NAN, "Not A Number"

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    Learn HVAC names & abbreviations & stick to them for BMS / BAS. Why? Because a) KISS & b) less confusion, easier life for everyone involved.

    However, different countries do have different names for things. For example;
    PAC / RTU = packaged A/C unit / Roof Top (A/C) unit. Always DX.
    Des Ops (Description of Operation) = FD (Functional Description) = SOO (Statement of Operation) = any others?

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