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    I had to edit a pdf - may help someone...

    I don't always fix AC systems, I will be teaching a Russian Language course on Saturdays in July through December.
    As part of the curriculum I had to appropriate a few things in pdf format (I got permission first!!)
    Anybody who has worked with a pdf knows it is hard to edit. the text does not flow, wery well, and the fonts are tricky.I used a program called infix, and it worked really well, even with the Russian fonts. It is made by Iceni Technology. I won't post a link, since I guess it might violate the advertisement clause on membership - but you all should be able to find it if you need it.
    Well, maybe I will, hope it stays...
    Hmmmm....smells like numbatwo to me.

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    there are a few out there that do well...............

    several free....................
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