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    Looking for professional advice


    I'm looking for professional HVAC advice on my system. Briefly - A professional HVAC company in Calgary, Canada installed a Munchkin system with a high-velocity system. The company was contracted by our general contractor as part of our new home build. We have been in our house for a little over 1 year now and we are concerned about our system and the way it was installed. From day one we were suspicious of the install job as joints were beginning to leak. On the day we moved in, we headed down to the Home Depot to buy an air filter for the high-velocity system and read the filter size from what was written on the outside with sharpie. When we got home, we found out that what was written on the outside was actually wrong. We took a measuring tape, wrote down what it really was and headed back to the Home Depot. To our surprise, there was nothing in-stock with the dimensions of our filter opening. We asked the staff if there were any other sizes in the back and they said that what was on the shelves was all they had. We decided to use what we had purchased and make a note for the HVAC company.

    We also told them that the system was leaking around the some of the pipes. They visited after a couple of weeks, cleaned the leaking pipes and said the worker said he'd talk to his manager about the filter opening.

    Months later, we called the HVAC company again and said that the joints were still leaking and that no change had been made with the filter. A new worker came out and this time not only cleaned the leaking fluid again but removed some of the system pipes making the system simpler. We are still not sure what happened but he left with several copper pipes that had been removed and added another plastic pipe to the drain. He also pushed the filter in by hand, bending it a couple of inches so it would sort of fit more.

    Needless to say, the relationship soured as we kept phoning and tried to get some answers to our problems. After several unreturned calls we decided to see if we could live with what we had. The house project was a struggle to get finished and we were now pretty much out of money and wanted to get on with our lives. We enjoy our new home and feel really the only thing that has left us really unsatisfied was the HVAC install and system.

    I thought that I would post some pictures of our system as it is today. There are a number of leaking pipes, the filters never really fit and the door can't close fully making the system very loud throughout the house. Also, out of curiosity I flipped through the settings on the Munchkin system and found that it has all its default values. Is this normal?

    I hope that all of this is normal and we are just worrying over nothing. We are really not confident in our system. We have an ICF home with Warmboard flooring on the main and second floors. The entire house is tiled except for the bedrooms which are wood. The house has many cold rooms in the winter and only a couple of rooms ever feel really warm on the floor.

    Here are some images of our mechanical room:

    Thanks for your time reading about our system. We are looking for any advice from the professional community. At this point, we are hoping to find a new professional in the area that has experience with these systems and can let us know what our options are to optimize the system and confirm the build.


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    Some real sloppy work there. Hope you can get a good referral to some local co. who knows what they are doing and takes some pride in their work.

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    may this can help. Spend a little get a little. Spend a lot get a lot. 4K VS. 10K


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    Your post wandered around some.

    1. Munchkin gas boiler.
    2. Hi Velocity AC system.
    3. Leaks

    From the photos, it's more clear that your issues are with the heating system. It also appears you have radiant heat in the floors. Finally, you have anti-freeze in the system. And an air filter that doesn't fit. Is that about it?

    Okay, the leaks look horrendous because of the anti-freeze. Other systems might have a small, slow leak but there's little or no residue left like there is with anti-freeze. So the leaks look bad and ideally there would be none but the anti-freeze is really making it look worse than it is.

    The company that installed the system was less than professional, IMO. They didn't wipe any copper joints and nothing is plumb. Unfortunately you purchased a home built by a typical, care less, more money for him contractor. He chose the low bidder for the job and you get the spoils of that arrangement. Next time, employ a Clerk of the Works and you pick all the subs. You'll get a much better result, IMO.

    The air filter will need to be custom built. That's not so uncommon on air handlers. If you want a standard size, you'll have to pay someone to remove the return transition and design and install a new one with a properly sized, standard size air filter.

    Since you didn't mention physical discomfort, I'll assume that your warm in winter and cool in summer, so you're just concerned about the leaks and filter. I think I've addressed those two issues. But it is time for a new HVAC company methinks.
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