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    Prayers needed for a good friend please, ARPA (updated 3/30)

    I have a good friend that needed emergency surgery last night. He had an Aneurysm near his heart burst and was taken to the hospital.

    He survived 10 hours of surgery to make the necessary repairs to save his life. Miraculously he did survive the surgery and is still in ICU with a depleted chance of survival. There will be life long complications due to this tragedy of a good man with such a great spirit.

    This good friend is in the HVAC business. He is a member of this site and has given endless days and nights of his time devoted to the members here. The passion and perseverance for what is right and wrong is the only thing that is larger than his 6' 6" frame of a man yet he has willingly given and selflessly devoted himself to HVAC-Talk each day for the past many years.

    Please send your prayers, your thoughts and well wishes for a safe and complete recovery to ARPA (Bruce).

    Thank you.

    Edit Note:

    This evening at 9:30 Eastern my friend, your friend, our Site Administrator passed due to the damage caused by a rupture in an Aortic Aneurysm. Although the repair surgery went well and he was paralyzed from the waist down his other organs just could not hold on and began shut down.

    It is said that he was a big man but knowing him for several years personally I found him to have an even bigger heart which freely gave to those in need and to those who never asked.

    Mr. Admin, Bruce Norman, thank you for your friendship that came so naturally.

    God bless you Bruce. I will truly miss my friend.

    Second Edit Note:

    Bruce was not married but had a fiance' named Wendy who moved in with him shortly before they were to be married.

    When Bruce found that his Mother was ill he flew to be with her. He picked up her and all of her belongings and brought her to live with him too. Several months later she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died about a month ago.

    His mothers wishes were to be cremated. Bruce had the same wishes.

    It's a little early as of right now but as soon as I have more knowledge of the arrangements I will post here.

    For those who wish to send a card or other please use his business address at ARPA.

    Family of Bruce Norman
    c/o Arpa Support Services, Inc
    12800 N.W. 38 Avenue
    Miami, FL 33054

    If you would like to send an email to the family you may do so. Julian, his business partner, will gather them and make a portfolio and give them to the family. Please feel free to send a e-note, mail a card or other.

    Thank you

    Third Edit Note :

    Condolences sent to for the Norman family.

    Please send yours via email then sound off here, it will mean a lot to them.

    Thank you all.

    From the Norman Family - To all of Bruce's Friends and acquaintances here:

    I've had a chance to view all of the responses and wish to thank everyone for all of the kind words about Bruce.

    As I still sit in tears of grief it makes me happy to know that so many of you knew truly knew just how big of a heart he had. He did for others out of shear goodness with nothing expected in return.

    He was without doubt the kindest person I've had the privilege to know in my life. There was nothing and I mean nothing that he would not do for me. He loved me purely and 100% unconditionally (not an easy task if I say so myself). My son and I were is first and foremost in his life and I am grateful to have been a recipient of his love.

    Bruce's mother who lived with us died one day short, of one month prior to Bruce and this is a lot to bare. But I know he is watching over me and I still have him to lean on from afar.

    Bruce's wishes were for cremation and a private burial which has been decided will be at sea, one of his favorite places to be

    Thanks to all of you again for your well wishes and prayers. It means a lot to me.

    Bruce's fiance`,

    Wendy (aka Dana) Skiff

    EDIT Note:

    Contracting Business Magazine has posted an article about Bruce.

    You can find it HERE
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    Bruce used to work here I wish him well.
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    I myself don't pray but tell him to take it easy and I wish him all the best.
    You don't get owt for nowt.

    Cheers ah kid

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    Bruce has been added to our prayer list.

    Keep up the fight, buddy.

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    Prayers from my family to yours Bruce. You are a very good friend to me.

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    I've met Bruce and he is a very fine fellow, thoughts and prayers from Robert and me both to you Bruce!
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    OMG! I can't believe it. All my prayers to Bruce and his family. I would like to do something for his wife to help ease her worrying. The staff of Contracting Business is planning to do something with food baskets. Any other suggestions?

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    Got em', all of em'.

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    Prayers going up here for Bruce.

    Please keep us posted.
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    Best wishes and God speed from the Dice fam, hang in there, ya made it through the worst part already.
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    Hang in their Bruce.
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    Prayers coming Bruce's way. It was Bruce, (I only knew of him as ARPA) who helped me on two occasions, when I had difficulties with this site. He always seemed to be the first guy to help. Let me know if he needs anything. I'll help in any way I can. It is the least I can do.
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    Prayers and thoughts go out to him and his family.

    Though I do not know him personally. Years ago on this site, he sent me
    an estimation/proposal that I still use, off and on to this day.
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