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    So I am out of town early this week and doing some minor repairs fixing some leaks and cleaning the IRLDS ect. Nothing major really. So we are just about to head out when the rack alarm goes off. ??? WTF? I go look and its a high suction alarm on MT side of rack. with one system flooding back like hell. So we head out to the floor (my apprentice and I) to look at the flooding system, pull the pans and sure enough we find what coils flooding. I asked the guy I am working with to get me the numbers off the TX head and he looks up at me and says

    "Um Bryan why is there a R-22 head on this?"

    at this point I am thinking hes pulling my leg so I said I got to see this, sure as hell its 22.

    WTF!!!! this rack is 507. Its always been 507. Turns out the Deli cases were changed by another compay over 2 years ago and these 22 valved cases were put in.


    So we valve off the system and the suction comes down enough to clear the alarm, but whats that I hear.... Thud Thud Thud Thud crunch bang Hummmm. Compressor number 1 trying to start up again. I shut it down and pull the head off it. Cylinder 1 okay, Cylinder 2 okay, Cylinder 3 gone.

    Why does this kind of stuff come up when I am 2 hours away from town???

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    Hey Bryan! We should send ya west next week, never lost a compressor at Kellers yet, they seem to hear ya comin.
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    I will give 10 to 1 odds that compressor was a 3D copeland!

    I see this all the time since r-22 valves are what was most common for m/t for a few years.

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    We took over service on a low temp warehouse a while back. There was a 30 horse unit with two coils installed new by the previous company. I was told it never worked right from day one.

    R-22 system, I went in looked at the txvs on the coils. They both had the proper size valves with VC powerheads. I sure felt sorry for that compressor, I could feel it's pain.
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