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    Quote Originally Posted by timebuilder View Post
    At 6' 5" he can head our HVAC Talk basketball team!

    One idea for summer might be good quality pocket T shirts with the logo on the pocket. Maybe even offer a customizable shirt with the company name using the same ink. There are good quality rubberized paint screen transfer "inks" that stand up to washing.

    Same thing with coffee mugs, NATE and the company logo with phone number.
    Damn I thought I was a shoe in for captain at 6' 8"

    Extra tall shirts would be nice, regular tall does not fit me. I'm tired of wearing denim and chambray. But I haven't convinced dickies, big mac, or cartheart to make an extra tall collared work shirt. Although carthart made a tall jacket that fits me, Horray!
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    I Have got 30 years worth of scars on my hands to remind me of what I know!

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