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    Who could I hire to install a vapor barrier?

    I've had guys come out to bid on installing a "Cleanspace" vapor barrier in my crawlspace, but the cost is prohibitive for me ($8-15k). I think a 20-mil plastic would be just as good? If so, is there a type of contractor I can call that would do this for me? I'd like it done right, and done right the first time, so I'd like to find someone that does this sort of thing often, I just don't know where to look. Any suggestions? I know I could probably do it myself but my time and health doesn't permit it at this point...thanks.

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    Any company that does mold remediation should do this. The company I work for does this we are in VA. If you are looking at 20 mil the price will not change much from what you have. 6mil to 12 mil adds about a grand. 6mil will be fine for any crawl space.

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    Many Radon Mitigation companies do this as part of installing Radon systems but they may do just the vapor barrier for you.

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