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    Need Help Identifying log set manufacturer

    I understand that vent free log sets are required to have a metal id tag, but these do not. I need to identify the manufacturer as I am trying to get a NG pilot assembly as this originally was set up for propane use. The SIT 820 Nova millivolt valve can easily be converted with a new regulator. This log set is being used in a vented application so I am not concernd with the efficency. I could drill out the pilot orifice but would rather not and know that the pilot is correct and functioning as it shoud. I am getting very little to no assistance locally with technicians. But in order to rectify this situation I need to contact the manufacturer. This set is somewhat uniqe in its burner design. It is a 30" see thru log set which does narrow it down a bit, this one has a one piece burner tube shaped kinda like Talladega which is rare for a log set and I am hoping that somehere can identify it, and is pictured below. Thanks for your replies, I would like to get this going soon, any help, suggestions and reccomedations are welcome. Thank you

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    Exclamation Uh ohhhh.........

    Sounds like a "Claymore" set: detonates on command. Do yourself a favor, throw this mess out before you blow yourself up.

    No DIY advice on this site----esp. bomb making advise, which you seem to be looking for.

    For the record, you should discard ANY gas log set that does not have identifying rating plate or any logset that is not 'listed' such as to ANSI Z21.60 for vented logs or Z21.11.2 for ventfree. Take it back whereever you got it or trash it.

    You do not under any circumstances drill out orifices and you only perform fuel conversions if you are trained on that particular brand and model and use only factory OEM parts. Note that there is a difference btw a SIT NOVA 820 millivolt valve and a SIT NOVA 820 MV plus valve.


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