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Thread: HEALTHY Chili

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    HEALTHY Chili

    Ok so I have been trying to drop some pounds, and found this amazing recipe, I figured it is great to share with everyone.

    3 lbs. 96% lean beef (you can find whatever % you want, higher the better)
    3 cans of Zesty Jalapeño diced tomatoes
    1 container salsa (i prefer HOT but you can get whichever you like)
    1 19oz can of Dark Red Kidney beans
    1 19oz can of Black Beans
    1 Onion chopped

    Brown the meat in a frying pan, drain the fat.
    Boil the black beans while meat is browning (this makes them softer and turn into the background of the chili)
    Add all ingredients to a BIG pot, set on low heat for a couple hours, stirring occasionally.
    Spice to taste (I use a LOT of hot spices but it is up to you)

    My recommendation for serving:
    Buy BAKED chips, Fat-Free Cheese, and Lettuce and tomatoes

    put the chips down, than the chili, with the cheese (melt it), than lettuce and tomatoes on top.

    Best Nachos ever

    Extremely healthy recipe for those trying to lose some weight while eating some GOOOD food

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    I used to make chili like that when I needed to loose weight. I would make a salad with mosly chopped veggies, broccoli, califlower, cukes, maters, carrots, whatever looked fresh at the store. Then I would throw on some cheese chunks, then a liberal ammount of chili and hotsauce as dressing. Non traditional taco salad. If I had some corn chips, I would break up a few in it right before I ate it. Had this for lunch for 2 months, lost 15+ lbs and learned how to not "Need to be full" so the weight is staying off. I still eat alot of veggies and fruit instead of meals.
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    just make vegetarian chili, can't go wrong

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