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    Confused Need help making a decision on new system!

    I have estimates on the following three 2 1/2 ton split heat pump systems:

    1. Carrier 16 SEER model # 25HCB530; air handler model #FV4BNF003 & programmable thermidistat controller
    2. Carrier Performance 15.5 SEER model #25HPA318A003; Carrier heat pump air handler with 8KW back-up heater and digital programmable thermostat
    3. Carrier Base 14 SEER heat pump condenser model 25HBB318A003; Carrier air handler with 8KW heater & digital thermostat

    The first one has a 1 year labor warranty, 10 years on parts
    The second has a 5 year labor warranty, 10 years on parts, and 10 year compressor warranty
    The third has 2 year labor warranty, 10 year parts warranty and 10 year compressor.

    Of the 3, which would be the best purchase. All of them are comparable in price, so I just need to know which would be the best to go with. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    #2 & #3 are 1 1/2 tons. If you need a 2 1/2 ton for your home go with #1.

    Personally I like the #1 system better and it qualifies for the tax credit and some rebates if you're using a FAD dealer.
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    Other things being equal, a 15.5 SEER will use 90% of the kwh that a 14 unit will use, on average.
    A 16 SEER, 88%.

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