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Thread: Thoughts on In-Line surge protectors?

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    Thoughts on In-Line surge protectors?

    Hey guys, new to service. I just got into a truck a few months ago and started running calls after years of being a duct guy. One of the things my company pushes are these surge protectors. Mainly in line Intermatic for residential condensers. I have yet to put one in and i watched a few youtube videos and it seems pretty straightforward. I also understand they have a $7500 equipment warranty. any thoughts on these? I'd like to know how much practical use someone might get out of these and I'm also curios if anyone has any experience dealing with their warranty department.

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    I haven't installed any yet. ( but I should be) had a Fujitsu unit get fried last year due to a surge. Had to change pretty much every board on both condenser and cassette.
    I think for the price of a protector it's cheap insurance
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    I have not used one but from a specification point of view i like the ICM493.

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    We use them on Mini-Splits and modulating High SEER units with electronics.
    IMHO the one's sold at supply houses are totally worthless on standard A/C and HP units.
    A local company here pushes their tech's to sell them with EVERY changeout. $$$

    Over the years I had only one blow out on a mini-split, and I think it was defective call back issue.

    FWIW I AM a proponent of WHOLE HOUSE surge and lightning protection.
    I have put it on every house we have lived in and several others.
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    Surge protectors, especially the whole house type, are cheap insurance!! Boards are spendy. One big surge and all of the electronics take an expensive dump....
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