Alright guys, let’s get down to it! I’ve been hearing a bunch of B**LS**T going on in these spaces about advertising on Facebook! I’m here to bring some clarity to guys who actually want to use Facebook/Instagram the RIGHT way and continue to grow their businesses. So here it is, 5 strategies that can actually lead you to getting more clients! No fluff here!

#1 Optimize Your Facebook Page!
Make it look professional and clean.
Make your profile picture an HD pic of your logo
Make your header something cool and professional looking - A picture of your HVAC trucks or a small video of you doing some work. Something eye-catching that looks clean on the page.
Write out your About Us page, Write a short description about what you do for “Page Info”
Facebook actually does a good job of helping you set up your page fully. They’ll have a list of steps that you have to follow to complete your page! Just follow it!

#2 Post. Post. Post!
You need to start posting so that your audience sees that your active on social media. Posting will help past customers stay up to date with your brand and allow potential customers to look through your posts! Don’t know what to post? Keep reading!
Happy clients - Pictures of you standing with a satisfied customer. For example, you just installed a new AC for a residential property. They love it and are satisfied. Stand in front of the AC and take a quick picture with the homeowner and make the caption something like “Just installed a new AC Unit for John! It’s ready to go and he loves it! Thanks for choosing us!”
Testimonials - Get your clients/customers to leave you reviews! There’s a review section for every business on facebook. They can write something short and sweet about how you helped them out.
Holiday deals - you can do special promos and coupons for holiday specials! For example, $100 off this Christmas season for a heater/AC install.
Holiday celebrations - post for Christmas, thanksgiving, New Years, etc.
Giveaways/sweepstakes - This can be great to expand your reach on social media. You can do a giveaway for anything! Could be a gift card, an iPad, a drone, etc. Have people tag 2 friends, like the post, and like the page to enter!
Add some personality in your posts! - Make them funny, interesting, and cool. Add your own personality into the posts to make your brand YOURS.

#3 Set up Facebook pixel!
This is VERY important for anyone trying to advertise on facebook.
This code allows the pixel to receive information about the actions taken on your site to make your Facebook ads more relevant to your audience. It also tracks your audience and helps you find out more about them, so that you can target them better and more efficiently on facebook!
You can learn how to do it step by step by typing in "How to set up Facebook Pixel" on google! (I was gonna put in the link, but don't want to get flagged! Actually trying to help you guys out!)

#4 Dont just Boost posts!! Use Ads Manager!
I’ve seen so countless people see the “Boost Post” button and think that they are advertising effectively. You’re not! Boosting posts is probably the worst way to run ads on Facebook. To be honest, I don’t even know why they added the function! Ads Manager is 100x better and I’ll explain why.
When boosting posts, you can’t specifically target the demographics, locations, and behaviors of potential customers that you want. Using Ads Manager, we can be more surgical in our approach to advertising. It makes a HUGE difference!

#5 Test test and test some more!!
On Ads Manager, you have create an Ad campaign based on what your goals are. Facebook lays it all out there for you and you can choose from what you want to do!
With many people that I work with, they’ll get upset or question everything. “I just spent $10 on this ad Faizan!!! Why didn’t I get any leads!!!!!”
Maybe the targeting was off, maybe the caption didn’t resonate with the viewers, it could be hundreds of things. But, the best marketers know, you must TEST EVERYTHING!
In a perfect world, we’d know exactly what works right from the start, but we don’t. We are taking educated guesses and filtering out what doesn’t work, and scaling what does! It takes time to put together profitable campaigns.
But when they take off...they TAKE OFF and you make a fat ROI! That’s the beauty of facebook ads.

So there it is guys. It took me a little time to write it up so I hope you got something out of it. If you have any questions, you can just reply or comment and I'll answer as quickly and best as I can!