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Thread: Germicidal UV HVAC - opinion

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    Confused Germicidal UV HVAC - opinion

    I initially posted in the wrong forum... Was hoping for a feedback from the owners about about Germicidal UV,
    Specifically if this is an upgrade that makes sense. Don't want to have another maintenance item, that just doesn't do much.

    >About to install 72W furnace Germicidal UV purifier with two 16" UVC light bulbs OZONE free switched by the blower. May replace the bottom bulb with UVV....
    >No mold on the N coil, have AprilAir 700 humidifier above that (we do not use), but can not install UVC there.

    If you install or had someone installed for you HVAC/furnace/AC UVC lights I would really appreciate feedback on how well they work?

    Thank you so much.

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    They work to kill anything the light can touch, but there are many places the light doesn’t hit like your duct work, coil fin packs, blower wheel, etc. I recommend them for keeping algae from growing in pans, if the application is right, but if your duct work/house is leaky, duct work undersized, humidity in the house is too high, and/or you have poor filtration, a UV light won’t do any good. Too many people have the expectation that they can turn their house into a hospital and nothing is further from the truth.

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