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Thread: Pulsing compressor sound

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    Pulsing compressor sound

    I have a seven year old 15-seer trane 4 ton compressor. Lately it has been making more noise than usual. It makes a low frequency pulsing sound. Woom...wooom..woom..woom.. it's most noticeable inside the house as the fan noise overpowers it outside. I do not beleive it is vibration of the compressed line in the wall. It is very much a pulse vs a vibration. However that exists and is a different story.

    Last year the coil went bad due to a faulty expansion valve (trane uses a variable orifice and it got stuck). It was replaced under warranty. Since the new coil didnt come with a new expansion valve we made a decision to just use a plain orifice.

    The AC cools fine. The high pressure line had a buzz to it after the change over. It was resting on a rafter and we could hear it so input some insulation around it to pad it and all was fine.

    Any ideas on what could be happening? I had it checked and it had a full charge. All other specs seemed okay they said. But it was cool outside so they said it needed to be checked again on a hot day.

    Thanks for any help.

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    If it started when they replaced the coil ( hopefully they installed a matched coil ) and went with a piston, ( who knows if it’s sized correctly for your system ) Maybe your system suppose to use a TXV metering device only and not a piston?

    The Contractor can call Technical Rep. with all the model numbers and piston size and coil number to see what Trane says. Tech. services typically do not deal with homeowners.

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    I have dealt with this many times, too many. It is a harmonics from the compressor that is carrying on a line. You can try to find the correct spot to put a weight to absorb the vibration and may have to play with the amount of weight or find where the sound is transferring from the lines to the structure. It is this transfer into the structure that is why you here it inside and not at the unit.

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