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Thread: Front or Rear breach furnace, what’s the difference?

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    Front or Rear breach furnace, what’s the difference?

    Hey all,

    I recently found out that I have to replace my oil fired hot air furnace. According to the last tech that visited its a front breach furnace and he said they would probably replace it with a rear breach that is locally “in stock” at the warehouse. Is that going to lead to a lot more work moving ductwork and oil lines? What’s the “where the rubber meets the road” difference? I understand that the furnace gun is on the opposite side.

    Thx all!

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    depends on where the chimney is, most direct route is best. so if front faces chimney, front connection. some times you cant flip furnace around so have to go with one or other. I'd rather deal w front flue than crawl around a furnace with burner on backside in a crawl, they won't get maintained as well/
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    It depends on a few things. Usually supply is out the top and return can be either side, so in that respect, it may not matter.
    But, how the flue pipe connects is very important, especially the less elbows the better. You don’t want the flue pipe to have to go from one end of the furnace and require 4 elbows to wrap around to get to the chimney thimble.
    Another consideration is you want to make sure access to the blower isn’t against the wall.
    Show us a picture of what you have now, or draw one.
    It is the proper sized furnace based on a heat loss of the home?
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