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Thread: Can you do air acetylene with an oxy acetylene setup?

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    Can you do air acetylene with an oxy acetylene setup?

    In other words, is the technique “backwards compatible”? I’m looking to upgrade to oxy for my setup for use outside of HVAC and may choose to liquidate the old setup if I can.

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    I just hook my air/act regulator up to the act tank with an adapter then you have both worlds.
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    Well, not really but kind of.

    They make an adapter to be able to screw an air/acetylene regulator onto a little mc tank. So that might be able to get you out of a jam if you run out of O2 and you need it to.

    Other than that, an oxy/acetylene torch can not be used without oxygen. If you try you will end up with a lazy orange flame that will cover everything with soot.

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