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Thread: New Gas Furnace & Air Conditioner - Goodman, Rheem, or Carrier?

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    New Gas Furnace & Air Conditioner - Goodman, Rheem, or Carrier?

    Hi all - We're having natural gas brought to house and I'm working with a local contractor to install a new 96% efficient gas furnace and 16 SEER air conditioner. Had a Goodman furnace & air conditioner picked out, but learned that AHRI certified it as 15 SEER, so I wouldn't get a ($1000) rebate from Empower MD. Contractor proposed a Rheem system with 'true' 16 SEER air conditioner, but I read a review strongly suggesting one avoid Rheem zig-zag/z-shaped a/c coils since they freeze up prematurely and they're difficult to clean. Now, I'm thinking about going back to Goodman system (about same price as Rheem, but no rebate), or the contractor says I can step up to a Carrier system, for more (TBD) money. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed.

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    Dont bother putting money in to a carrier. Their all the same. It just matters on the install. If install is done right any brand will work. I personally like rheem products. Goodman isnt bad either. Make sure your ductwork is sized right ( for the needed airflow per tonnage of the ac) and that you have enough return air to the system. I highly suggest getting a 4" media filter box installed on the unit also. This thread will most likely go into our ask our pro forum. They will give you better advise and more details. Also dont get into crazyiness of higher seers like 18 or more. Its not worth the money. Hell even a 14 seer will do pretty good as long as your ductwork is in good condition and can handle the needed airflow.

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    First off... can we get the terminology correct:

    That is an 'N' coil... And the carrier probably will have an 'N' coil also... (oooops)

    Next... the 'chatter' one hears on the internet is not always correct...
    Would one choose a heart surgery procedure, based on internet chatter???

    And now for the truth: read my signature... the truth about heating and AC systems is in those few lines...

    Your comfort, Your way, Everyday!

    GA's basic rules of home heating and AC upgrades:
    *Installation is more important than the brand of equipment
    *The duct system keeps the house comfortable; the equipment only heats and cools (and dehumidifies)
    *The value of comfort, over the long term; leave economic choices behind!
    Choose your contractor wisely!

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