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Thread: cleaning testo 550

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    cleaning testo 550

    Just had a crappy R22 system leave what looks to be an oily residue on the sight glass of my gauge set. I use the gauges for R22 and 410A so I'd rather not get any contamination in the next 410 unit I work on.

    What would you say is the best way to get this mess cleaned up?

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    Isopropyl alcohol does a good job of dissolving most hydrocarbons. "Rubbing alcohol" is about 70% IPA with the balance of water. You could evacuate a container & suck IPA through your gauges, high/low lines each in a bottle of IPA, yellow to the vacuum tank. Then dry by blowing nitrogen (or CO2) thru and then finally drawing a vacuum on the set to make sure all the alcohol/water is gone.

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