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Thread: Everyone off the roof NOW!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zamoramax View Post
    We got the push bar for 2 reasons. The first being way to many people cut us off and now most think twice about it before they do. Almost like they see it and think, no that's gonna hurt. The second our shop is in the back corner of a commercial complex. So when I have to put our 16' dump trailer back in the shop it is way easier and maneuverable hooked to the front end.
    We also do electrical. Not to much additional to carry but they do take space. It's more the extra materials.

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    If I was going to be dual licensed...
    That is the one I would get...

    Not particularly interested to clean out others folks POO...

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    Just glad that no one got hurt. Thats insane though.

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    I’m not sure this should be in the shame forum... I’d be proud of that save!
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    you seen his beast of a work truck makes mine look tiny

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