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    Help finding devices to purchase

    I'm not sure if there is a classifieds section here but i will phrase it in general.

    We have a few hundred JENEsys 6000E in the field, they are slowly but surely having issues. Recovery guide doesn't solve it

    Does anyone have any idea how to get a hold of replacements? Used but functional or refurbished or anything? The end of life on these is rough for the customer since most of them installed are less than 10 years old and replacing with N4 upgrades are certainly much more expensive option than sourcing some 6000E replacements to hold them over.

    New ones are obviously not being manufactured so we are loooking for old new stock or something!

    Again - i hope not to have broken any forum rules.

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    eBay ? It seems to me the time to find these used parts & get them has a cost so why not convert to the latest & greatest ? How are you going to stand behind a 2nd hand part that already has a high failure rate per your post ? I can see having a spare to temp a repair until you have the upgrade ready but many a customer will demand some warranty on any repair. Why create more problems ?

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