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    How to have uniform airflow with T=80 an HR=50% on TRANE XR17 - always first stage?

    Hi everybody,

    Long story short: I grew up without AC, so I get cold easily. I do need it, cause I live in Florida. What bothers me is high humidity, so I set my Trane XR17 (brand new Trane 1-compressor 2-stage variable speed fan) at 80 with humidity at 50%, and AUTO fan. While working on my desk, it kinda bothers me the fact that airflow is not very uniform. It starts nice and smooth, then it blows more frozen air, I start shaking and feel unconfortable, for then going back to feel good when it turns off or it re-blows at low speed. Not sure if this frozen air is the second stage or just higher fan speed. But I have to say I am pretty happy with the system, the temperature and humidity are constantly at 80 with 50% humidity, with almost no fluctuation. Again, to make it clear, what really bothers me is this this variation in airflow with frozen air blowing after a bit. I like the little barely noticeable airflow when it just turns on, and I would like to keep it constantly at that level. What do you suggest me to do to achieve that? I think that also would save me some money as a positive side effect. I was thinking:

    1) For my case it might be good to run the AC always on the first stage, I do not really think I need the second stage. Is it possible? I did not find any evidence that this is possible.

    2) I went to the advanced options, and I saw that I can cange the option "Compressor Low Stage Air Flow% - Comp Clg", and lower it to 55% from 65%. Would this help me a bit?

    3) Should I maybe remove AUTO from the fan mode, and leave it fixed at the minimum speed (35%)?

    The advanced options can be found by googling XL824-Installation-Guide.pdf (I cannot post links)

    Thank you very much

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    I cannot find a way to delete this, I posted in the wrong section I am sorry. Please delete.

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