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    I'm sure there are many different versions of folding thermometers (the one you cited + the javelin + thermapen are all examples). They probably work equally well too.

    I've had my thermapen mk4 for probably 4+ years and it's never failed me. I put it in the sink to wash it and whatnot too, so the waterproof aspect is certainly worth something.

    To poppa's point, I don't use a thermometer when I'm smoking something (e.g. brisket, ribs, etc.), temperature doesn't mean too much there. But for cooking a steak, BBQ chicken, burgers, etc., an instant read thermometer is great.
    temp does mean a lot smoking, but I never used a thermo til recently to see if I had been doing it right the last 40 yrs and sure enough, spot on! beer can cold and just dry the spit off the smoker lid is how I roll! btw I like ice cold beer!

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    I bought a Klein ET10 pocket thermometer. It sat in my garage for months and then dropped and broke my actual meat thermometer. So decided it would have to do for now. Have been using it for 2 years now. For meat only of course.

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