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    Trane Comm4 MaxLine driver problem

    I'm running now a 2 hour limited-time version of Comm4 MaxLine driver "ifcCommFour_N4_Feb_16_2019".
    I can discover the points, and add them to the JACE without problems. The points are updating.

    The problem is that I have tested the driver with TCI-Comm4/IPCB cards on RTHB, RTHC, and RTHD. Each time I discover the same points list (attached), which it shouldn't.

    Any suggestions?
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    I'm not sure about the chiller points but I think it just detects the device type and gives you a generic point template of all the possibilities and the points that read work, the ones that don't don't apply to that equipment. If you read the doc it basically just says "chiller". Doc I'm looking at is older april 2018.

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