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    Hmm Bryant RTU short

    Hey everyone, Im new here. Im 1 year into this trade, trying to learn as much as I can everyday. Anyways on a PM last week I ran into a unit that was not running when I came up to it. No breakers or fuses popped. There was power to the board and 24v. after some troubleshooting I reset the unit and jumped out heat, when I did this the unit started jerking back and forth between starting a heating cycle and just running the fan. But it was doing this pretty violently, maybe 2-4 times a second. So fast that im not sure my multimeter would even be able to display the changes. I dont want to hurt the unit by running it like this. After pushing some wires around the unit went back to normal so I suspect im losing voltage somewhere but honestly I have no idea how to approach this. I dont want to leave the unit to possibly fall into this condition again. When I go back monday how can i find this intermittent short?

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    I don’t think you have a short. More likely a loose connection. A short would trip a breaker or pop a fuse. One wire at a time check all connections for tightness. Visually inspect everything. Look for improperly routed wires that might be rubbing on metal.

    You said you reset the unit. What does that mean?
    You said you jumped out heat. What exactly did you do?
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    Reset what
    How did you jumped out heat

    You really need a senior tech to help you out with this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbatts View Post
    Hey everyone, Im new here. Im 1 year into this trade, trying to learn as much as I can everyday.
    Two thing:

    1. This particular forum (AOP Commercial HVAC) is for owners of Commercial equipment to ask general/non-technical questions. You need to click on the small black triangle next to the "like/dislike" tabs (bottom left corner of your post), and ask the moderators to move this to the "Tech to Tech Chat - Commercial" forum. You will get more guys passing through your thread that might offer advice.

    2. Once your thread is moved, please post the model number of the unit in question. As a general rule, you should always supply the model number with every question for help.

    Welcome to the HVAC-TALK.
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