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    Looking for a new laptop

    With all this virus stuff going on my daughters school has started switching over to video based classes (zoom video chat).
    I carry 2 laptops for work and my other personal one stays home (Windows 10 Dell) but its getting old, the memory is getting full and isn't working well with video chat. I cant really swap down to one computer for work as I use both.
    Im looking to get her one to use for school, something that will be strictly hers to use.
    Looking for something decently affordable with a good camera, or maybe affordable enough that I can add an HD webcam.
    Any suggestions? And this isnt just because the virus. Shes getting to the age of needing something anyway. The whole virus thing just accelerated the process a bit.
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    Good luck... The virus has caused many companies across many industries in many countries to switch to work from home. Almost all laptops within the spec range you are looking for have been gobbled up. Whats left is either expensive, really expensive, or not worth buying. Even the refurbished laptops and small form factor desktops that were great deals just a month ago are all gone. We were looking into getting my granddaughter a refurbished desktop at a minimum so she could log into the home server to do her school work from a Win 10 VM. There were no options below $400 (that use ddr4 memory)

    I bought something very close to one of these for my granddaughter (12yrs old 6th grade):
    At Christmas time, for around $350. Good webcam, runs 4-6 hours on battery, quick but not fast. Hers has up-gradable ram and ssd.

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