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    Quote Originally Posted by contactor View Post
    Here statewide it is only enforced in commercial or multi family dwellings, and then only if disturbed, by a certified abatement Co. They are strict about disposal in double colored bags at a "certified asbestos disposal site" and the landfill is not one of them. I have no idea where they take the stuff.
    They bury it in the same pile only after normal business hrs. That's why the permit is so high, gotta pay OT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by navyguy1 View Post
    Only if it’s disturbed, torn, cut into etc. The ducts in question are insulated with a cardboard/paper type material that contains ACM. (Asbestos containing martial.) it’s not 100% asbestos. This material is then wrapped with a silver colored outer layer that keeps the asbestos from becoming friable and therefore airborne.
    I believe the duct wrap your speaking of is called “Air Cell” and as far as I know it is an asbestos
    product. I would typically encounter it in basement gravity furnaces. Cats loved to dig their nails into it. We would recommend replacing ducts, wrapping or painting

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