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    Quote Originally Posted by VTP99 View Post
    But that would just tell you the temperature of the coil.
    You need to test the sensor to be sure it's reading that same coil temperature.
    I went to the parameters and checked the coil probe current temp. It displayed 16 degrees f. With my digital thermometer next to the coil probe was reading 15.5-16 degrees f. So I would say the thermistor is reading the coil temp properly. Would you agree?? Yes I can check the dc volts and ohm the sensor but no manual I have found yet showed the resistance/temperature chart. Nor did I find a dc voltage value chart. So my only way to test the thermistor is by comparing it to another “known” thermometer.
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    So you did go to "d2" in the parameters ?
    How about the fan stop setting ?
    What about "Fd" Fans Delay ? What is that set at ?
    Also there's a "dt" Drip Time setting do you know that setting ?

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