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    Before you Take Hydroxycloroquine••••

    •••• or Similar Medicines. When they mentioned them in the news, it didn’t click at first. Years ago I took Plaquenil for Scalp Psoriasis on the recommendation of a Skin Dr. First Pill in the Morning, no problems worked a full day, went to Gym. Took another pill in evening. Next morning ditto, noticed at work I felt itchy, and just blew it off. Took the next evening pill, woke up after a couple hours of sleep, I was on fire. Itches like I been bit by a 1000 mosquitoes and a 1000 more were crawling on me. Jumped in the shower. The sudden action caused multiple Charlie Horses, including one in my shoulders. The Shower at first helped, but then it was much worse on the itching. By now the whole house is up, and not happy. The only thing that stopped the itch was Oral and Topical Benadryl. So much of the Topical I was OD’ing on the stuff. Charlie Horses we’re stopped by three Motrin’s. I called out Thursday and Friday. Took me the weekend to recover. Also the Dr. Blamed it on the Work-out at the Gym and like a fool, I tried it again with the same reaction, but better prepared for it.
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    Isn't this the same drug used by our troops in Vietnam to aid against malaria ? Flight crews quit using it cause it screwed up night vision.

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