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    Here is what happened

    Well.... Spread this around if you like. I'll keep it as short as I can.

    HVAC-Talk will be 20 years old this April, 15 2020. Our database started with version 1 of VBulletin software. We were sold and transferred then upgraded to version 3, sold and transferred again and upgraded to version 4, sold and transferred again and stayed on version 4 as we are today upgraded to the last VBullentin provided upgrade. So, we have been around and beaten up for a long long time.

    Almost two years ago we had a complete loss of our site and the software due to a bad hard drive with the HOST providing services for our old owners. Scrambling to get the info off of the old drive was fruitless, no joy. Fortunately we had a 18 month old backup so we restored the site using that database but at a great cost.

    We were recently sold in December 2019. Our new owner Endeavor bought many many site in which we were included. All the sites were transferred to a new HOST and new IT dept (for the most part). Unfortunately they forgot to transfer two sites, both mechanical. We were one of those two sites.

    On Feb 2 2020 an IT guy decided all of the sites were now moved to the new owner. He had no idea we and Welding Web were still running on AWS (Amazon Web Services). He deleted all of the old sites along with their databases.

    After many meetings we were able to find our database on a backup of AWS. All files were then sent to our IT start the site once again. Unfortunately they decided to shine us up and upgrade our V4 to V5. Our 20 year old thrash and bashed. It was not designed to be used with V5 due to all the IT work and additional software being used on our site. As each of you know... it wasn't good, not even close.

    So with all that we decided to let our own Robb HOST the software. It took a while for him to be handed all the files but he received them, reset the domain IP and we were off to the races. So in doing that and an old database to boot we knew there were going to be issues and fires to put out.

    The 502 error as well as the 504 error were fixed. The 504 was due to an additional use software on the server that didn't work correctly. After tweaking that we were back and the 504 was gone. The 502 seemed to be a permission error. Our Pro guys could not open the Pro Residential. It took a few days of bashing around but the fix ended up to be an easy one. This morning reset the page view from 50 to 40 threads in each affected forums and boom... fixed.

    Now, we seem to be whole at this time but if you guys could keep kicking the tires and report what may still be broken that would help us out tremendously.

    Hope that was "Lay" enough... LOL
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