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    Hello all, what are the ill effects for letting large industrial chillers and blowers set for extended long periods. My company runs the chilled water and condenser cooling tower pumps daily, but the chillers and blowers set for weeks into months. The compressor heaters are always on though. It's been three months since we've ran the blowers and chillers.
    Chillers are 270 ton medium vertical screws and blowers are 250 hp each. Question how frequent should a system be ran for good system health?

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    Weeks to months is generally not considered “long term”.

    Every chiller manufacturer has a procedure for long term storage. I’ve seen AHU and RTU long term storage procedures, but I’m not sure every manufacturer has something in writing.

    If you’re worried about it, Get the equipment manuals and read, read, read!

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    We run the chilled water and condenser water pumps daily for 5 mins just for circulation and to mix with fresh chemicals.

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    I hate to answer this way, but it all depends on the system.

    I have seen chillers sit idle for months (like 6) they had a small unknown leak and when started found to be low on charge.

    I've seen fans (blowers) that have sat idle for long periods whose system had a resonances vibration present and caused brinelling in the bearing and when started have bad vibration or bearing failure.

    I know many industrial customer who have installed extra capacity (spares) who rotate equipment operation, typically on a weekly or monthly interval with no problems.

    Think about the normal HVAC split or package unit. The AC or heating portions can sit idle for 4 to 6 months and work just fine when they are placed in service.

    pecmsg mentioned running the system for 5 minutes daily just to keep things stirred up. Water treatment is important so this is not a bad idea. There are many water systems if the are left to stagnant a corrosion condition in the copper tubing in the heat exchanges can take place. Look up Cupric and Cuprous oxides, this is the green or black film that can many times form on/in copper tubing. I had a boiler we had to run the feed pumps for a short time every couple days just to keep the water mixed up or else the boiler level controls (the ones that worked by conductivity of the water) did not work correctly

    Good Luck

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