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    C-Bus MIG-112 Gateway No Response

    A client of ours has been having an issue with their C-Bus system. Seemingly its starting to happen more frequently as of late and I am unsure if there is anything more that can be done.
    After X amount of time the gateway seems to lose communication with the 4 XL500 controllers it is talking to. The last fail cause states "Gateway no response."
    The status light looks healthy but the Tx and Rx lights are dead.
    A simple 10 second cycling of power fixes the issue, albeit temporarily.
    Tuning and Polling policies have been played with.
    Busy Time sits at around 25%, 604ms average poll time.
    Nothing seems to be too taxing on the Jace side.

    Looking for thoughts and recommendations, for now Ill leave it as is. Its not so frequent that its an absolute nuisance.

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    you got an communaction problem for sure question is is it the gateway loseing connection or is it the controllers?

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