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    HITACHI HC-F___GXG-S - Modbus RS485 Interfacing

    Hi all,

    I need to interface my BMS with 5 HITACHI chillers (HC-F600GXG-S).

    The brochure says it's equipped with RS485 com port and compatible with BMS through MODBUS RTU protocol, but i cannot find anything about where to terminate it inside the chiller control panel and nothing about the modbus register mapping (What points are available thru HLI)...

    Anyone would have more info about this?

    Thx thx

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    Your best bet is probably contacting the manufacturer for authoritative information. I did some Googling and found sheets claiming Modbus RTU support on this panel but you're right, it's not clear. You will need register addresses and type specifications, obviously, even if you find the port.

    I'd bet it's related to those two serial-looking connections on the bottom, especially given their "COM-1-4" labeling. It's possible they use Modbus internally. I'm guessing that is the HMI, which looks like it was made by "Pro-face" which might be talking to your panel via Modbus. Maybe the panel configuration knows something? Check out the model number of that thing and see what it does in detail.

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    Was it required to have a third party interface for the job?

    That does sound like it's using modbus internally but that doesn't necessarily mean it can put that out to another vendor.

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