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    Heat Pump goes into defrost mode, heat strips not coming on.

    Heat Pump goes into defrost mode but heat strips do not come on, thus blowing cold air out of vent. My thermostat is set up correctly. I opened the internal unit and found the following wiring. I been doing a lot of research and know good bit of the wiring, but I am a little stumped now. Can someone help me out on explaining why that white adapter (in pictures) is not plugged in? and where would and if it needs to be plugged in for the heat strips. W1 on the board has two white wires. The top one is from the outside unit; the bottom one goes to the thermostat. What is the unplugged white adapter and where would it go?

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    I just bought the house and made warranty claim b/c I noticed cold air during heat. The tech that came said the White Wire adapter was unplugged and do not know reason why it was unplugged by previous person who looked at it. At one point he turned the strips on and I could smell them, but im not sure why he kept it unplugged them in the end. He then goes on saying your warranty wont cover it since it was a previous problem before you bought the house. He said we will have to order new heat strips and it will take 2 weeks. He said keep the unit off until then. That is a long time. The unit is 15 years old. Any ideas? Why would he not plug it back in and order new strips?

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    We can't help you with DIY. Site rules.

    Even if such help were allowed, it is not possible to identify the plug without a wiring diagram or the model number.

    Home warranty companies are a rip-off, as you're probably starting to suspect. Call a technician and pay them to decipher what's there and make the appropriate correction. I'm sure you don't need a new heater package.
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    If you flip your thermostat to emergency heat and it works, ( even partially ) why would you have to need a complete new heater element. Heaters come in many different KW sizes, and options.

    May want to find a more competent Tech, firmilar with control wiring and Heat Pump troubleshooting in general.

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    You need a better, non-warranty related tech.
    If the strips work then you probably don’t need new ones.
    Unfortunately home warranty companies leave a lot of extremely dissatisfied customers in their wake.
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