Hi Everyone,

I just got involved with the HVAC business a couple of months ago. my business partner is the one who understands the minutia of the actual work involved and I am trying to handle the business development. We initially started as GC's working on 1-4 family houses and after awhile we were feeding a lot of work to our HVAC guy. Eventually, we decided to take over his company and expand this business as a stand alone as well. First few months were a bit tough but we finally lined up a job flow as a subcontractor for a big HVAC contractor doing the labor on large residential developments. We now have 5 guys working for us full time. The company right now is breaking even with a little bit of profit left over. What we are struggling with is getting into the residential market . From the few residential jobs (installs and service) we did we saw that the profit % are tremendous so I would love to get advice on what exactly is the most effective way to break through in that particular segment of the market. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.