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    Sandpan controls?


    The house we moved into has an old sandpan fireplace upstairs. Unfortunately it is missing the control knob and any instructions. Here is what I have:

    (Probably breaking site rules by working around the No Links before 7 posts, but hopefully it can be overlooked as this is a legit post... if you remove the extra spaces from below you can see the fireplace I'm working with)

    h ttps://

    h ttps://

    I'm assuming that's a pilot with thermocouple at one end, and the valve set at the other end?

    On the control valve, the button can be pushed in and slides back out again, but no gas flow. The longer dial (minus knob) can also be pushed in slightly, but does not want to rotate.

    Is there anyone with experience enough to clarify operation? I'm guessing the control valve needs to be pushed in and spun to a Pilot position, at which point I'm guessing pressing and holding the button above would enable gas flow to the pilot line for lighting? And once that's lit long enough, the thermocouple would pick up and I could release the button and then rotate the control valve further to send gas to the sand pan?

    Or am I way off? If I'm in the ballpark, does anyone have any idea why the control knob won't rotate? Finger-strength is a no go, and I've tried a set of pliers for a little more torque, but obviously I don't want to force the matter.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Try Peterson Mfg. They make sand pan units and may be of help if you cannot find an original data plate with a model #.

    Perhaps just buying a complete new one might be in order? They are not particularly expensive...
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