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    Need Help Replacing Stolen Contactor out of Bryant 588A Model

    Thanks for allowing me to join and post here.
    We recently discovered someone had gone up on our roof when we were gone for a week and stole the contactor and the cover for the electronics off of our Bryant HVAC.
    We have a Bryant Model 588A and we recently purchased a contactor.
    I followed the wires as well as I could and such came up with the following images. I hopefully have tried to make this as easy for someone to help us as possible. All we need to know is which wire goes where.
    #1 Wire is Black and appears to go to the Compressor

    #2 Black is Wire nutted to an Orange which goes to the Transformer

    #3 Yellow is Wire Nutted to a Black and goes to the Transformer

    #4 I know these are the two main power lines into the unit. We labeled these as 4A and 4B. They are a Red color

    #5 Yellow and comes from the Compressor

    #6 Black and is a heavier gauge or thicker then #1 and goes to the Compressor

    #7 Black and goes to Fan Motor which blows air down into home

    #8 Brown goes to the Circuit Board

    #9 which is (2) Browns goes to the Gas Valve

    #10 Yellow goes to Circuit Board

    #11 Black goes to the L1 of the Circuit Board

    #12 Yellow goes to one of the Thermostat Control Wires from within the home.

    There is a Yellow and Black that appear to be taped off. Certainly not by the thief.

    Hopefully I have made enough effort to simplify the process of one of you helping us. We greatly appreciate any and all assistance. I can replace spade connectors or eyelets. I may not be calling them the correct term but I can crimp on what I need to after stripping the wire back a bit. Power is completely off to the unit.

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    The rules of this site forbid DIY assistance.

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    Call an hvac contractor bud. Seen people smoke circuitboards, tstats, compressors, pretty much every component trying what you wanna do. Every one of them thought it was going well until the factory smoke escaped

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    It’s probably on one of your neighbors units. Like the others mentioned, not a job to do yourself, and you’re still going to have to find a cover.
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    Yeah, not something you should try to wire yourself. Call a good contractor and they can source a new cover and get a new contactor wired in.
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