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    Possible to apply new views to devices using the batch editor?

    Pretty much what the title says, it seems like the perfect job for the Program Service. I've got a hundred or so units that need the same PX applied to them. Anybody know the smart way to do it?

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    Are these on a JACE or a Supervisor?
    If BACnet devices - search for custom type, bacnet, BacnetDevice
    If Lonworks devices, search for custom type, lonworks, LonDevice
    If this is on a supervisor and you have device folders under the NiagaraNetwork representing those devices, then search for custom type, niagaraDriver, NiagaraPointFolder

    Once you get your results from the query, you can select and remove any entries you don't want to process.
    Click the "Add Slot" button
    Add a slot of type baja, PxView
    Give the view a name and enter the path to the Px File.

    I believe the default behavior is to reuse the Px view if a Px file already exists. In any case, always make a backup of the station before using the batch editor.

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