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Thread: Generac

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    is who in maine ?

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    do you live in a normal house or one of those trac homes and what are all those white boxes on your out side walls?

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    Trac homes come in all price ranges...

    I am curious about the white boxes also...
    What are those???
    Do not recognize them.


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    Nit pick time.
    Picture 1, the LFNC-B is not strapped within 12" of the termination. Also, LFNC needs a listed fitting, can't be glued into a PVC LB.
    Pictures 2 and 3 look good!
    Picture 4, same issues with picture 1 in addition the LFNC must be strapped every 3'
    Picture 5, 110.26, spaces about electrical equipment. Specifically the 3' clearance required in front of the electrical meter and transfer switch.
    Picture 6, same issues with 1 and 4

    Normally I wouldn't post, but picture 5 made me wonder how in the f did that pass inspection?

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    Looks decent.

    Gas pipe and fittings should be painted.

    More hangers on gas pipe.

    Hangers on conduit not equally spaced.

    I would have used EMT instead of pvc. The pvc likes to come unglued.

    If I do use pvc, i bend all my fittings by warming up the pipe. Same with EMT, i bend all pipe.

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