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    Confused York SSE Field Firmware Update

    I have a customer with 20 plus 2015 vintage York SSE RTU's at firmware version 3.0.x.
    They are asking to replace a YK-MAP1810-0P (pre version 5.x) with a Verasys SBH200 so they can get outgoing Alarming.
    I have contacted both York and Verasys tech support and I only get 2 actual "answers" to my questions and 1 document about the procedure.

    The "answers" are;
    1. The SSE boards have to be at Rev 3.2.x or above for SBH200 compatibility.
    2. They "recommended' replacing the SSE boards ( still waiting for a response to my question of "do you realize how much that will cost for 20+ RTU's" ?)

    The Procedure I got is aligned with Updating "New" boards on the bench before they go out to the field.

    Does anyone have hands on experience with field update of the SSE firmware ?

    As always, thanks to some of the best HVAC minds on the planet.
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    Not a definite answer, but due to the age of the boards they may not support newest firmware. McQuay does the same with the microtech 3 controllers. Updating the firmware is easy just time consuming. Probably 15 minutes a board

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    I was told that the SSE boards being produced "right now" which was about 2 months ago, for both replacement and new unit application, are buggy.

    This was from a tech support guy who has been dealing with board problems, and he was noting a trend in 2019.

    Just an FYI......
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    You should have no problem going to 3.2 from 3.0 but I would stay there .( 3.3 has a few more hiccups in my opinion) It will take about 15-20 minutes per unit for the update . If you go for 3.4 you can “brick” the board, the older boards do not have enough memory to support Firmware higher than 3.3. (It’s a 400 dollar mistake I won’t make again ha.) Are you using zone coordinators as well? If you are, I believe they will also need updated

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