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    Its the amount of air that can pass thru the filter. 1" Pleated are advertised as being able to clean the air but that's not the purpose of the filter. Its just keep large pieces of dust and debris out of the equipment.

    There are Media Filter Systems that can be adapted to you system but that's something different! Simple Blue filters that you can see thru is all that's recommended for a basic system!

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    You can have a good contractor install a large filter rack that can accept a 4in filter, which is much larger than the return duct.

    This allows the air to slow down to a lower face velocity and allows you to not have a high static obstruction in the return as you do with your typical 1 inch filter.

    This helps to keep dirt out of the furnace, but it also doesn't impede the ability of the furnace to draw in air from the return and then expel it into the supplies.

    If you want to turn down the furnace at night I think 64- 65 degrees is a reasonable night setback.

    I use it in stores where no one is asleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattocain View Post
    Talk to me about the filter. What’s the difference between pleated and non pleated and what are the best filters to use? I’ll add that air return is in our living room and gets very dusty within about a month. I usually change my filter every month for the high usage times and a every other month during lower usage.
    Do you use a filtrete by chance? I fixed plenty of furnaces and ACs by pulling them out, and putting in a standard efficiency fiberglass filter.

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