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    Quote Originally Posted by dan sw fl View Post
    Seriously Dan???
    Life is too short, Behappy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by behappy View Post
    Seriously Dan???
    Absolutely, high quality and carefully controlled Plasma Air { or similar MFG. } products
    perhaps will be necessary in MANY RESIDENTIAL Situations.

    ANY High MERV FILTER on a Residential AHU will NOT appropriately address special needs.

    AHU : Air Handling Unit

    Other HVAC products are required to deal with
    Significant IAQ concerns and health issues.

    _____________ [ Post # 8 ] ______

    Function of th AHU filter
    is simply to maintain Coil Cleanliness.
    Designer Dan
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    Not saying your wrong Dan, I've installed similar products for customers who've asked me later "is it working?" My response "the little light is on, dont you feel healthier?" Theyve been disappointed or possibly are having a placebo effect in my experience. I'm just not sold on any product that I cant measure its effectiveness, where as a filter media i can see the results and customers are happy with them. Having said that I've never seen that particular product and will happily install it if a customer wants it, guess I'm just a doubting thomas

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