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    Cooling unit on fridge only making a whooshing sound.

    I am a DIY guy that has some car AC knowledge. No experience working on a system like this.

    I have a Northland Refrigerator only Fridge that had a leak in the evap core. The fridge is about 8 years old and lost its charge a few months ago. The cooling unit on it is like a subzero you can just lift it off the box and work on it on a shop bench. The system is R134a and has a 1/4 up compressor.

    When it lost its charge for the first time I installed high and low ports on the system, then added some dye and found a pinhole leak in the evap. I brazed the leak to fix it, pulled a vac on the system for a few days, recharged it by weight (7 oz) and it worked fine for about three months, then a new PIN hole in a different are showed up. I just ordered a new evap core and replaced it.

    When I was replacing the core I screwed up and had some compressor oil exit the system. I was able to scrape it up and measure it and believe I was fairly accurate. Prior to charging the system I added that amount of oil back in plus an extra 1/2 oz. The oil I used was PAG46

    Now the unit is running and cooling good for a few days but it makes a whooshing sound while it runs. The sound really seems to be coming from the evap, it is not a fan making it, when the compressor and fan kick out you can still hear the sound for about 30 seconds. It's almost like the refrigerant is making a boiling sound.

    What did I do wrong or what could the sound be? Would it help to record it and post?

    Also what would corrode the evap to create leaks?

    Thanks for any help!

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    2. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) - not here.

    This site is for industry professionals and folks seeking HVAC/R advice and knowledge. Please do not ask for step by step instructions on purchasing, installing or repairing your own equipment. This is our job and our livelihood. We are generous, but not to a fault.

    Questions of this type will not be answered and may be deleted at the discretion of the Moderators.
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