Hello house!
I live far away from my factory and there's frequent need for switching ON and OFF of some appliances in the factory.
Engaging a worker for this simple task is a waste of money in this technology era.
I've done research and came across this SMART RELAY from isocket.
This relay uses sim card to remotely control appliances.
What interest me much is it's ability to relate any output relay port (appliances i.e freezers) with any input port (thermometer).

For instance, I can configure the freezer to switch OFF when the temperature reaches my set point.
It can also alert me when there's a power failure.
It also serve as security alarm with 5 input port and 6 relay port.

Unfortunately, the company has stopped producing it. But I need this damn thing.
Please is there any way I can still get it?
Any sales outlet still has it in stock?
If not available, please does anyone have idea of alternative?

Please see below, the isocket smart relay I'm referring to.

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