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    ENERGY ENGINEERED PRODUCTS "Heat Harvester" Geothermal info needed...

    I have recently been tasked with working on a commercial geothermal system that serves hydronic heating as well as domestic hot water for a resort on the pacific coast. There is a COMPLETE lack of any information or a log of previous work done on this piece of equipment.

    I am hoping that someone out there will be able to shed some light, in the form of manuals, or actual technical experience with a system from this manufacturer.

    From the name plate:

    model: HPWW-2-MS-90-3
    serial: 40904-103

    It has three banks of paired danfoss scroll compressors.
    Using R22 (absolute lack of any info regarding total charge per bank).
    R22 pressures running approximately 375/50psig.

    Looks to have been installed by TRAK CANADA (TRAK INT'L?), however any phone numbers I have found have either gone unanswered (and messages unreplied) or simply are no longer in service.

    No wiring diagrams remain on site.

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    good luck. a lot of those systems seem to be spec built for each site. I've had several different weirdo brands like that. every one seems to have an extreme lack of support across the board, as each site had different requirements.

    if there are any control boards in the unit, see if there is any manufacturers info on them, and see if you can call them, and work backwards. I had to do that on one, and found the controls company was a small family owned outfit. they actually wrote the programming for the equipment and built all the circuit boards for the manufacturer, so they were very helpful.

    otherwise, it's just a refrigeration system. 375/50 is a little low for high/low for 22. first thing I would do is check out the circulation system, pumps, etc. with those pressures, I would be investigating flow first....might be a little low.

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