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    Quote Originally Posted by savoy05 View Post
    On the Armstrong Gas Packs the Inducer Blower comes on like this to keep insects from building nest in the Summer months. It should explain this in the Installers Guide.
    Looks like we stand corrected !
    Good one !

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    A new one on me. Thanks for the info. Never knew what the inducer would run for a few seconds in cooling.
    Can someone please explain to me -
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    Quote Originally Posted by BKHVAC View Post
    After closing disconnect the furnace control board receives power, waits approx 20 seconds, and starts the inducer fan motor- without a call for heat.
    Quote Originally Posted by BKHVAC View Post
    The new control board that was purchased was defective. Got a replacement from my supplier and installed. Everything now working normally. The 12j99 boards do say that the inducer will run in cooling mode for 10 seconds to prevent insects from nesting. Also, the inducer was never shutting off until power was disconnected. Sorry for the late reply, have been busy lately. Thank you everyone for your input.
    Okay. Part of the issue for us is that they are referring to the inducer as a blower. Apparently, that is how it slipped by.

    It is a blower when it is located at the flame end, and an inducer when it is at the flue end. But, it's their paper, so they can call it whatever they like.

    Thanks to the OP for the update!!!!!
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    this is what happened when we purchase part but do not let the Manual at the unit or are there and we do not look for it

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