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    Daikin HP defrost question.


    Just replaced an 8 year old Daikin HP 3MXS24JVJU with a failed compressor, had 3 heads connected, replaced about 4 months ago with new HP. I replaced it with a Daikin 4MXSRMVJU with 4 heads attached. Just starting to go into the cold season, we have had a few colder days \ nights.. The unit seems to be working good, one night we had 10F temp outside with heads putting out 105F temp. The one thing that I notice thou is the defrost timing, on the old unit, a defrost cycle would come on approximate every 45 mins, take approx 8 mins to complete. With the new unit, once below approx 26F, the unit seems to go into a defrost every 20 - 25 mins, does this sound right? Is it just because the old unit was on a set timer, the new unit has a sensor on coil? My real question is this - does the time interval for a defrost sound correct? Should it be coming on so frequently (20 - 25 mins), I would imagine that it is not efficient?

    I checked the coil when the HP is going into defrost, there is frost on it for sure, and it seems to get rid of all the frost when it is finished.. blowing good heat when it comes back on.

    I really don't care about the efficiency, I just want to make sure that the HP is working correctly..

    Thanks, for the help..

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    Seems a bit quick to me. But may be your areas winter moisture is higher than mine.
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