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    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    I'd have them do the gas over and read the directions on the condensate trap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdean1 View Post
    However, the coupling is a thread protector, NOT a pipe coupling because it does not have tapered threads. It must be replaced.

    I am so glad someone pointed this out. I see this SO SO much where I am and can not believe they use this thread protector as a free coupling.

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    Everyone who replied. I just wanted to give an update. Those of you who take the time to replay obviously take some pride in your work and craftsmanship. Pride and craftsmen this day and age are in short supply (people who actually care); in every field of service work. Im not a professional HVAC guy, but before my current job I was a professional auto tech for Toyota/Subaru and up until 3 years ago worked on everything else the big 3 made as well. Safe to say, I've been around the block, even EPA HVAC "auto certified". I never let a customers car leave in worse condition than when it showed up. With that work ethic in mind I expect the same from other when I hire someone to work on my home. Its not the Taus Mahal, but its my family's home. I expect things to be done properly. The first time. I hired a reputable company to install a new Lennox HE Furnace/AC. Its a down flow unit. Plenty of room to work around in the furnace closet. The install should have been cut and dry. Im not out to bad mouth the installer, but what happened during and after the install just isn't acceptable. They won't be allowed to ever come back. I have a bad memory, so this thread/posting seven as a reference for me down the road. I have added to my first post. See below.

    1. Contractor suppose to show up for the new install on Monday or Tuesday. No time given. So I should take 2 days off work because you might show up on Tuesday? Odd, even the secretaries in the office are almost incapable of answering the phone, taking notes, or passing on required information before the installers arrive. This was my first sign.............but Ive seen their work at my business, and others at work have used them before. Never had any major problems. Little problems, dilemma's, and other things were quickly ironed out by the company if needed. The installer never complained or argued.
    2. Arrived on Monday. Old guy and young kid. Old guy will not make eye contact, introduce himself, or even shake my hand. Young kid is new, but polite. Eager to work and learn, but the old guy just yells at him and doesn't want to teach him anything.
    3. No real plan upon arrival. Boxes of new parts quickly opened. Sweet, new furnace and a/c coils!
    4. During the removal of the a/c old coil and air handler (no furnace existed yet) install a main water line was broken (plastic pvc). The old guy decided to get freaky with the removal of the old components next to remnants of an old water softener. He went ballistic jump pulling and thrashing instead of taking the time to look things over. WTF, does he throw a fit everywhere he works? It was o.k. I knew where the water main shut off valve was. Not a big mess and if was off in about 25 seconds. If thats the worst that happened, then okay. I planned on having the remains of an abandoned water softener removed anyways. All was forgiven.......
    5. Dirty carpet, they tried. Its gross outside. All was forgiven. I can clean the carpet. Only one drop cloth played out the young kid removed at one point because it was in his way, lol...............
    6. Incorrectly installed exhaust flues on the roof, nail heads open to the elements, not under shingles, glued back down etc. Its cold out. Shingles are brittle. I'll fix it this summer. All was forgiven. The kid doing the install is was o.k.
    7. 110 volt transformer left hooked up to 220 volt breaker........Fried the transformer......All was forgiven......replaced it with a new 100% o.e.m. part, then
    8. Motherboard fried, then
    9. Thermostat fried, then
    10 Blower motor started smoking like a diesel engine!!!!! Not forgiven
    11. Water line repaired and leaking........Had a bad Shark-bite, seems to be leak free.
    12. No real plan upon arrival. Missing parts like the condensation pump.....missing gas line fitting.......was suppose to be 2 into one on the exhaust/fresh air intake....
    13. Illegal merchant gas line fitting used? If so this is unreal. Its Monday after all. There was no real plan or communication with this installer and his team.
    14. Found a screw inside the furnace housing penetrating the exhaust pvc pipe. The installer was just ramming in screws where he thought it was convenient. MF is trying to kill me now?.............I'm really losing my shit by this point. I quit drinking about 5 months back........
    15. Found a bunch of dropped sheet metal screws inside the furnace housing ready to be ingested by the blower motor.......come on!
    15. The filter rack is a joke, supported on only 2 sides........when the blower is running it wants to ingest the filter. Its not even sealed up. They utilized my old filter from the old air handler/coil setup.
    I asked for a 100% new unit like I originally planned on paying for. At this point I believe they will make that happen. Shit happens, but damnit son........! I made them leave. They wanted to continue to try to get the bad unit up and running. I way they are leaving that new p.o.s. in my house at this point.

    That night a new identical furnace was overnighted and installed the next day (Tuesday).
    A different tech arrived to fix the previous days install from hell. He was a better tech, I have personally seen his work before, but even he told me "the gas lady says those merchant fittings/thread protectors are "okay" to use"
    New sheetmetal was cut, (guess he didn't like the previous day installers air filter rack) the intake and exhaust pipes were 100% redone in the attic and new boots on the roof were installed. I couldn't believe they used a 6-8 foot ladder to climb onto my new roof and used my new gutters as hand hold........Jesus christ, they had 20' sliding ladders on the top of the company vehicle!.................

    New unit fired up. Installed its own 110 volt breaker instead of the 2 pole 220 volt breaker that fried the unit the day before.
    Installed a on/off master switch at the furnace (nice).
    Started up the unit and just left. No checks
    Didn't check for gas leaks. NOTHING
    Since they tied the condensate traps together for the air con/HE furnace the unit would gurgle. There was no vent installed on the a/c side per the installation manual. I read this. They obviously did not.
    No trap on the a/c side.
    No use of the aux. overflow on the a/c pan
    They would not replace the merchant coupling, move the shutoff valve, add a union, etc.

    I added a condensate pump to catch the drip water from the furnace side. What do you know. The gurgling noise from the fan/inducer went away.......water goes to the vented trap on the a/c side.
    I added a trap to the a/c side per the installation manual. Water stay in the trap, even though its a down flow. The positive pressure does not blow it out, like some guys have stated.
    Added an auto shutoff switch to the aux secondary/aux side of the a/c pan. Tested it. Kills power on the low voltage 24 volt wires. I picked the red wire over the yellow low voltage wire.
    Deleted the illegal merchant fitting. Upon inspection of the fitting I do not see tapered threads inside. I believe I have confirmed this was the illegal fitting so many guys use.
    Added shutoff valve after the CSST gas line and then a union. Leak checked.
    Discovered they cut away the entire jacket instead of the first layer on the Gastite CSST gas line. defeats the purpose of making it lightning proof!............Don't worry. I have plenty of slack. They routed the CSST gas line above, through, across, and under anything and everything they could in the crawl space (its a tall crawl space!) wtf..............I told them the attach it to the floor joists!. Not everything else under the sun!
    With the proper tools (they are suppose to be certified to use this brand CSST gas line),I can properly cut away the jacket and utilize the aluminum mesh layer that was supposed to be attached to the gas line fittings both ends...........Its just regular non ground CSST they way the have it set up.............
    The air filter rack is still a joke........Its an easy fix. I can make it enclosed. I ordered a nice one.

    Long story short. To those of you who do things the right way the first time, a big round of applause to you all! Things don't get done the first time the right way because, they right way takes TIME...........Please don't push your guys to get in and get out.......Its gonna bankrupt you or hurt someone in the end......

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