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    goodman propane hot air furnace no flame with lock out code

    I have a goodman propane hot air furnace with a lock out code not producing flame. Burner cycles properly, ignitor glows, gas valve opens, then closes, produces no flame sporadically. Burner will run fine for a day or two when manually reset then stops working and locks out. When left long enough furnace has reset itself after an hour or two. New parts installed: control board, gas valve, high limit, ignitor, and flame sensor still presenting same issues. Gas pressure and voltage checked, gas valve has 24 volts and still no flame but if you hold a torch it will ignite so it is getting gas. Please advise at this point I have no idea how to fix and the repair company is at a loss as well. Please help any advice would be appreciated.

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    We cannot give technical advice by site rules.

    You need a better service company.
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    All the parts you listed can be easily checked and diagnosed.
    It sounds like they are blindly throwing parts at the issue.
    What model number furnace?
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    Is there anything left ?
    Ahhh yes, that hidden manual reset

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    Could be a number of things. If you like the company you’re using, ask for a more experienced tech. Otherwise you need to find someone that knows what they’re doing.

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    Moved to AOP.
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